Pandora maintains the highest quality library of music and comedy.

We foster listener discovery by acquiring content from a diverse variety of sources. We work hard to streamline the delivery process for artists and labels, which makes it easier for listeners to discover more of your content.

There are multiple ways to deliver content to Pandora, depending on your capabilities. All methods will pass through our approval process.

The smallest independent labels and artists with infrequent releases will find it easier, faster, and less expensive to use an aggregator or the Pandora submission system. To learn more about these, see this FAQ.

A mid-sized company might want to hire a third-party service to handle deliveries. There are many services to choose from that will accept your content and do the heavy lifting. If you already work with one of these services, contact Pandora to request approval.

A distributor or large label with significant technical infrastructure can implement their own delivery. If this method is right for you, the industry uses a standard known as the DDEX ERN. The topics below pertain to this method.