ERN Message Header Values

When sending DDEX messages to Pandora, the MessageHeader must contain accurate MessageSender and MessageRecipient composites, containing registered DPIDs for each. Internal identifiers are not acceptable.

Pandora’s DPID is PADPIDA20140404055. So, the MessageRecipient must appear like this:


Please do not use the following old DPIDs in MessageRecipient/PartyID: PADPIDA20100621014 (Rdio) or PADPIDA20100429014 (deprecated Pandora). 

Note that DPIDs do not include dashes when transmitted in xml for machine-to-machine communication, as per the DDEX DPID specification. Dashes may only be used when the DPID is written or printed for humans to read. 

If delivering for a third party, every MessageHeader must also contain an accurate SentOnBehalfOf. Please include the DPID for them.

It is free to look up existing DPIDs, in the DPID Registry. If the party does not have have a DPID it's also free and easy to assign one:


DDEX ERN XML Requirements