Pandora's Style Guide for Metadata Values

Pandora requests that providers adhere to the Music Metadata Style Guide for metadata values as displayed to the listener.

The "Music Metadata Style Guide v2.1" (Sep 2015) is an industry-wide consensus on how metadata should be formatted. This guide is based on input from dozens of companies, and published by the Music Business Association.

Before this guide was built, it was difficult to determine many answers to long-standing questions, such as how to communicate a multiple-artist collaboration, how to denote clean/explicit versions, or what text string to use to indicate a featured artist. Now, the entire music community has a single reference to use.

While Pandora reserves the right to change some display-only values, we strive to minimize that as much as possible, and to keep provider-delivered values intact. We are always working to improve in this respect, and are actively eliminating any remaining style practices that differ from this consensus.


Requirements for Delivered Metadata Values